ATVs, now available at RCH Motors!

Check out our range now including stunning Kayo ATVs!

Now featuring the brand new Kayo Electric ATVs!

Kayo Fox 70

Fitted with a 4-Stroke, 70cc Engine and Automatic Transmission, the Kayo Fox 70 is the perfect ATV for beginners and young people alike!

Price: £699

Kayo Raging Bull 110

Fitted with a bigger, more powerful 4-Stroke, 110cc Engine and Automatic Transmission plus reversing, the Kayo Raging Bull 110 is the perfect entry level ATV for many people!

Price: £849

Kayo Raging Bull 125

Featuring a 4-Stroke, 125cc Engine with Semi-Automatic Transmission in addition to reversing, the Kayo Raging Bull 125 is a more than capable ATV for more experienced riders looking for a quality vehicle!

Price: £1,249

Kayo Raging Bull 250

With a 4-Stroke, 250cc Engine and Manual Transmission with reversing, the Kayo Raging Bull 250 is no laughing matter. This is the perfect ATV for experienced riders looking to step up a notch and change the game!

Price: £1,899

Kayo Electric ATV

Engineered with safety and fun in mind, the AC/DC has a parental 3-speed switch to control max speed from 5 mph to 17 mph to stop any would-be joy riders crashing into the nearest fence!

Price: Please call up for a price