Our Tyre StockRCH Motors stock a range of tyres for cars and vans but can source tyres for just about anything from top end manufacturers like Michelin, Pirelli and Firestone to budget lines like Jinyu or Infinity.





Firestone is well known for its history of innovation which spans more than 100 years. Today, they continue to excel for their great selection of high performance tyres, designed for maximum safety, reliability and value. It is this that has seen them become a well known figure in the tyre industry.


The Michelin Tyre Company Ltd was established in 1889 in France. Now, more than one hundred years later they are involved in many activities, not just tyre making. These range from tyre industry training to economic development and publishing.

Michelin have an extensive sales force to support the many tyre distributors in the UK. They supply anything from car and truck tyres through to agricultural tyres and specialist tyres.


Pirelli offer a wide range of high quality and high performance tyres for an array of vehicles. Established in Milan, Italy, in 1872, Pirelli have soon become one of the most recognisable brands on the planet, particularly in motorsport.

Furthermore they are a hugely significant brand in the world of motorsport and racing, providing tyres and sponsorships for various drivers and teams in Formula One.


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Marshal was established in 1990 in the UK. However they are sold in many countries around the world including Germany, Australia & Italy. In the UK, Marshal’s products have been distributed by Bond International. They are one of the country’s leading wholesalers & have achieved a high level of acceptance by retailers and motorists alike.


Established in 1995, Jinyu have seen an enormous amount of growth. They have been awarded various accolades over the past couple of years for their work and progression. These include having the Best Credit Faithful Customers and being named on prestigious lists such as: Provincial Rubber Industry Top 50 Enterprise and The World Top 40 Tyre Traders.

Above all, Jinyu are a great all-round brand for driving in any weather, and at a more than reasonable price that doesn’t compromise safety or efficiency.

The improved, reinforced centre rib of the tread gives even more grip on the roads whilst reducing stopping and skidding distances on snow and ice.